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Chicagoland Women in Roofing is a committee of Chicago Roofing Contractors Association as of December 2016.

CWIR Mission:

Chicagoland Women in Roofing is an organization focused on inspiring women to get involved and contribute their knowledge and experience. CWIR strives to maintain a high standard of professionalism while encouraging the advancement of goals and interests for the success of women and the betterment of the Chicagoland roofing industry.

CWIR Vision:

Chicagoland Women in Roofing seeks to foster women’s involvement in the roofing industry by:

  • Creating an environment where input from women is valued and encouraged
  • Providing educational opportunities for professional development
  • Encourage positive professional interactions throughout the industry

CWIR Committee Members

Laurie Moore
Laurie Moore of
Kreiling Roofing
Joan Crowe
Co-Chair & Education
Joan Crowe of

Rebecca Troche of
Lakefront Roofing
& Siding Supply

Jennifer Trapane of
Henry Company
Nicole Fuentes
Community Relations
Nicole Fuentes of
G. E. Riddiford Roofing
Jeanne Beyer
Events Sub-Committee Chair
Jeanne Beyer of
Bone Roofing Supply

National Liaison
Anna Swiontoniowski

CWIR offers an opportunity to join three different sub-committees:

  • Education Sub-Committee -The Education Sub-Committee serves Chicagoland Women in Roofing by both seeking out and creating educational opportunities for women to learn in open and welcoming spaces. We focus on both basic information for women new to the industry as well as information on new and cutting edge roofing technology. The committee’s objective is to: retain guest speakers to present at meetings; organize events, such as factory and jobsite tours; inform members about online courses and webinars; and provide guidance to roofing-related resources. All educational events will be posted on the CWIR calendar.
  • Events Sub-Committee – The purpose of the Events Sub-Committee is to research and provide options for meeting locations and secure food and drink sponsors for each CWIR meeting. The committee is also responsible for planning any social events as well as work with committees to help plan and develop other CWIR functions. The Event Committee will facilitate the planning, sponsor solicitation, and promotion of any events with other organizations.
  • Community Relations – The goal of the Volunteer Sub-Committee is to enhance CWIR as a whole by becoming involved and giving back to our communities.  Quarterly volunteer opportunities will be provided as decided upon at CWIR meetings.  By volunteering with various groups and organizations we will provide benefits to CWIR, society and as individuals.